Combining Social Media and Print (Here’s How to Do it Right)

Figuring out which channels to use for your company’s next campaign can be tricky: sometimes, a more traditional print-ads approach seems useful, while other times, a social media campaign feels like the way to go. 

But in reality, combining these two channels can create an even more effective result for your company! 

With a few easy things to keep in mind, your company can use print ads to increase social media engagement and use social media to boost the ROI on your printed materials. 

5 Ways to Use Social Media and Print Marketing Together to Your Advantage

1. Use Social Proof from Media Accounts

Potential customers rely on other consumers’ testimonials when deciding whether to purchase from your company.

A recent report showed that 93.4% of consumers depend on customer reviews when investigating retailers for the first time. Use this to your company’s advantage by bringing those reviews directly to consumers through your print materials.

Include quotes of honest reviews from your company’s media accounts on your next direct mail design, and invite consumers to see what others say about your company on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram as a call to action (CTA).

2. Make it Easy with QR Codes and Short URLs

Including information about your social media accounts on your direct mail is a good start, but it won’t get you very far if it isn’t convenient and quick for people to utilize. 

Firstly, if you include a URL, ensure it isn’t too long for people to type into their search engine. You can use websites like to convert a long URL into one that’s easier for consumers to search.

QR codes are the height of convenience, and they can take consumers to one of your social media pages, websites, or online resources with just a quick scan of their phone camera. 

3. Design Exclusive Media-Related Offers

An easy way to use print marketing as a bridge to your online marketing is by using a media-related CTA on your print materials.

For instance, consumers will be motivated to follow your social accounts if you use print for advertising a special offer or discount for new followers.

4. Try Out Hashtags

Include hashtags on your direct mail and encourage customers to post photos of your products or company using that hashtag!

It could become a viral social media campaign, creating something big from a simple direct mail design.

5. Gather Data for Direct Mail Using Media

Social media provides a pre-organized way to discern which pieces of your content consumers are most engaged by. 

If a photo on one of your social accounts has the most likes, use it as the cover image for your next direct mail piece. See which data your customers like, share, and comment on, and use that to your advantage. 

Are you ready to try combining social media and print for your next marketing campaign? Partner with us, and we’ll show you how! Give us a call today to get started.