Get Summer Sales Sizzling with 3 Simple June Promotions

Celebrations abound, vacations call, and sunsets paint the skies.

Summer brings a unique combination of rest, adventure, and creating family memories that will last a lifetime. Ambitious entrepreneurs will grab some of these opportunities to align their promotions with the natural rhythms of this season.

Here are several ways your business can capitalize on this natural momentum.

Graduations & Summer Kickoff Events

The finish line is in sight, and new adventures are beginning!

Celebrate the end of the school year with specials geared toward high school or college graduations. Or kick off summer by inspiring prospects to embrace a new challenge, hobby, trip, or experience. Could your business tweak any of these creative ideas?

  • Finish Line Freebies—Customize your merchandise or service specials to be gifted to this year’s graduates. Use diplomas, grad hat toss photos, or “adventure awaits” themes in your graphic designs.
  • Offer gift cards to graduates who post pictures of themselves (in cap or gown) enjoying your product, venue, or services.
  • Boost visibility by moving your own specials outside – including sidewalk banners, oversized window displays, outdoor classes, or other live events.
  • Create a blog or online post featuring “can’t miss” outdoor or seasonal experiences near you. Ask your followers to share their favorites, too!
  • Run a “sidewalk sale” promotion . . . even if the sales don’t occur outside. Use summer graphics like sunglasses, watermelons, beaches, flip-flops, or a VW bus on a road trip.

Bring Love to Life During Wedding Season

A seasonal promotion is any activity inspired by holidays, celebrations, or seasons.

Wedding season is a huge – but often overlooked – opportunity for your brand to grow its reach. Invoke nostalgia or grab the attention of generous gift-givers through a wedding-focused campaign people will surely notice!

Slogans might include:

  • Happily Ever After: 25% off _____ to celebrate the newlyweds.
  • The Perfect Wedding Gift? DONE.
  • A Gift that Keeps Giving: A ____ subscription for the happy couple!
  • Forever Begins Today. Start “happily ever after” with a complimentary ________.

Create Some Father’s Day Fun

Q: What do you call a hippo with one leg?

A: A hoppo.

Dad jokes are just one reason that fathers bring smiles to the world. On Sunday, June 16, dads across the U.S. will be showered with gifts as they celebrate Father’s Day, and this big celebration brings big opportunities for your business. In 2023, consumers planned to spend around 23 billion U.S. dollars.

How can you help your customers appreciate dads in stylish ways? Popular themes include technology upgrades, specialized hobbies or gear, practical life “help” items, or wardrobe improvements. Create dad appreciation bundles, offer personalized merchandise geared toward specific audiences or interest groups, or use BOGO incentives (“treat dad, treat yourself!”) that bless both givers and recipients.

Publicize unbeatable incentives by creating advanced promos, such as eye-catching displays, Father’s Day gift guides, or mailed “dad joke” fliers or brochures (check out this list for some groaners).

Ready to get started? Contact us today for quick-turnaround print marketing ideas for Father’s Day or other June promotions!