Intelligent, Intriguing Brochures: Your Salesperson in Every Situation

Print marketing can have a significant impact on prospects and customers.

While a website or digital ad has just a few seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, printed pieces like brochures give people the time and space they crave. 

The Importance of High-Quality Brochures for Your Business

Here are a few reasons your business can benefit from a top-notch brochure.

Brochures are Accessible

Did you know that 69% of consumers find it easier to process and understand information from printed material?

Well-designed brochures are a “front and center” piece for good reason. They are portable and offer an ideal medium to give people an efficient but memorable overview of the benefits your products and services bring. From menus to spec sheets, brochures support your sales teams and offer no-fuss content at the right moment.

Brochures Slow the Pace

Brochures have stood the test of time for one vital reason: they exist in the real world.

Brochures are physical and tactile, which resonates with the human spirit. People love having something they can hold and digest at their own pace. Brochures are designed to let the reader browse, focus, and weigh various options without feeling pressured. 

Brochures Add Credibility

Whether showcasing products, detailing services, or highlighting achievements, brochures serve as powerful tools in establishing a business’s credibility and reputation in the eyes of its audience.

In an era inundated with digital content, brochures stand out as physical artifacts that convey a sense of authenticity and substance. Comprehensive information and quality printing communicate that the business is committed to attention to detail and excellence in its operations.

Brochures Stick Around

Ads that are out of sight are quickly out of mind.

Want to share a message that sticks? Elegant printed brochures offer a practical way to keep your information at your customers’ fingertips. Brochures delivered through door-drop marketing can stay in a house for 38 days, and 23% of these get circulated among family members.

Lose the Limitations

Brochures offer ample space – from traditional tri-folds to a tabbed booklet-style brochure.

Get creative with checklist instructional brochures, timeline or infographic pieces, classy insert-style pieces, or mini brochures that can be folded and mailed as postcards.

Ready to get started? Our custom brochures offer flexibility for extended content and creative layouts that feature your one-of-a-kind identity. Contact us today for details!